The Berkeley Collegium is charged with the mission of fostering innovation and excellence in undergraduate teaching at UC Berkeley. Its members are among Berkeley’s most creative, inspiring, and effective teachers, and the Collegium provides this group of exceptional faculty members with resources for initiatives that will elevate teaching, especially at the undergraduate level, across the campus. The Collegium leads the identification and development of new ideas, supports their implementation, and assesses their success. It also partners with other campus organizations that would benefit from its advice and assistance. Among various other projects, the Collegium has been working to articulate and promote a broad vision to narrow the gap between teaching and research on the Berkeley campus. The long-term aim of this ongoing project is to engender and sustain a cultural shift on campus, whereby faculty and students alike come to view undergraduate engagement in research as a fundamental, desirable, and assumed element of every undergraduate’s Berkeley experience.

Download our 2018 executive summary

Download our 2014 white paper on narrowing the gap between teaching and research

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