Berkeley Collegium Grant Program: Narrowing the Gap Between Teaching and Research

This grant program was established in 2015 to foster projects aimed at narrowing the gap between teaching and research at Berkeley. Detailed information about the aims of this program, and information about the Spring 2017 application process can be found here. Previous grant recipients are:

2016: Second Cohort
  • Abigail DeKosnik (Berkeley Center for New Media and Department of Theater, Dance & Performance Studies), “Making sense of cultural data”
  • Keith Hiatt (Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley School of Law), “Human rights investigations and technology: an open source intelligence lab for undergraduate researchers”
  • Terry Johnson (BioEngineering), “Expansion of BioEngineering Guaranteed Research Opportunities (BEGROw) program”
  • Martha Olney and Joseph Farrell (Economics), “Creating and Mentoring a Community of Undergraduate Student Researchers in Economics”
2015: First Cohort
  • Nicholas Swanson-Hysell (Department of Earth and Planetary Science), “Intellectual discovery through field-based research projects in Death Valley”
  • Robert Rhew (Department of Geography), “GC-maker: Building your own analyzer for environmental research”
  • Patricia Steenland (College Writing Programs), “UC Berkeley-Owens Valley Pauite project: Restoring a lost cultural heritage”
  • Oscar Dubon (College of Engineering), “PREP-IP: Research experiences for work study engineering students in their first year at Berkeley”

Berkeley Collegium Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education

This award was established in 2014 to recognize an existing program, initiative, or unit that we believe has exceptional promise or a track record of success in promoting undergraduate education at Cal.  The award is intended to recognize the aims or accomplishments of the program, initiative, or unit, as well as to provide funding for continuing or expanding its efforts.  Previous recipients of this award are:

2016   CE3
2015    Academic Achievement Programs (AAP)
2015    Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships (OURS)
2014    Student Learning Center (SLC)