Grant Application Question Preview

 1. Applicant Information: title and contact details

2. Narrative (please keep as succinct as possible)

  • Brief, descriptive title of the project
  • Description of the project (no more than 500 words):
    • What is the rationale for the project?
    • What does the project involve?
    • How will it integrate teaching and research?
    • How will it improve upon, or expand, undergraduate research opportunities?
    • What staff are needed to implement the project?
      • What would be their precise roles?
  • Learning outcomes and impacts (no more than 400 words):
    • What are the key learning outcomes you hope for students to achieve through their participation in your project?
    • What concrete skills and experiences will undergraduates get out of the project?
    • Are there longer-term outcomes and impacts?
    • How many students will likely be impacted?
    • How deeply will students be impacted?
    • How will you assess your learning outcomes and impacts?
  • Timeline (no more than 300 words):
    • What is the timeline of the project?
    • What is the timeline for assessment of learning outcomes and impacts of your project?

3. Proposed budget

Applicants are responsible for accurately estimating the cost of materials as well as payroll expenses for project staff. A lump sum (full or partial award) will be approved based on the submitted budget. Note: if any budget items are calculated incorrectly or adjustments are needed, your unit or department will be responsible for the additional costs. To ensure that the budget information is complete and accurate, we recommend meeting with your departmental business officer before submitting your application.

  • Personnel
    • For each entry listed, indicate name, payroll title, salary rate, percentage of time and duration or total number of hours on the project, total payroll costs for the project (when appropriate, include the appropriate amounts for employee benefits, including GSHIP)
    • Total personnel cost
  • Materials/supplies/expenses
    • For example: incentives for students, duplication of materials, room rental, refreshments, travel expenses, etc.
    • Total materials cost
  • Total cost of the project
  • Total amount requested (up to $20,000)
  • If your proposed project will cost more than the $20,000 limit for this grant, please specify other funding sources (e.g., departmental) and amounts.

4. Grant administration information: departmental business officer contact details